Sell your unused domain names and earn money through their paid domain parking program!

Sell your unused domain names and earn money through their paid domain parking program!


Find Your Domain

Browse our domain catalogue or conduct your own search to find the perfect domain for your personal or business objectives! As the world’s largest domain marketplace, you can be sure that you’ll find the domain name that suits your needs.

Create and certify your free account. Register for your free Sedo account. After completing the Member Certification process, you’re ready to experience the world’s largest online marketplace for domains – the best place to start the search for that perfect domain.
Check out the Featured or Top Domains lists. Sellers who promote their domains with homepage Featured Listings are very open to offers, so starting here may result in faster negotiations. Sedo’s Top Domains list offers short, generic names – ideal for online businesses and investors.
Search or browse Sedo’s catalog. Sedo makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, no matter what your budget is. Search for a word or phrase that interests you and narrow results using a variety of filters, or browse domains in Sedo’s more than 2,000 targeted categories. Our marketplace has something for everyone!

How to Sell a Domain at Sedo

With over 40,000 sales each year, Sedo is the clear choice. Every domain listed with Sedo reaches a global audience of potential buyers via the SedoMLS Promotion Network. To fully benefit from Sedo’s Promotion Channels we recommend:

Tip 1: Price your domains!
Receive exclusive promotional opportunities with fixed, Buy Now prices. Let our members-only, automated pricing tool help you set the right price to maximize sales.

Tip 2: Activate your domains for SedoMLS Premium
When you activate your domains for SedoMLS Premium, you will sell more domains, reach the largest number of potential buyers, and be eligible for instant transfers.

Tip 3: Park your domains!
Earn money while attracting new buyers. With “For Sale” links on all parked pages, parking boosts the likelihood of selling!

Domain Parking

Make money from your incoming traffic with Sedo’s Domain Parking
Sedo`s Domain Parking enables you to make money from your domains’ natural traffic!
Do you have domain names you don’t use? Put their potential to work for you.

How it works:

Our ad provider displays relevant, targeted ads to your visitors. If Sedo’s Zero Click service (currently in beta) is enabled, eligible traffic will be routed to select advertisers’ websites.
Visitors then click on those ads or view an advertiser’s website.
Either way, you earn money!

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