Advance Web Host Billing System ( AWBS )

Advance Web Host Billing System ( AWBS )

awbs web hosting billing system

AWBS is your Total Solution.

What is AWBS?
Late Webhost Billing Grouping (AWBS) is software printed in PHP code. AWBS includes a finished Anterior End (human web port) handwritten in XHTML/CSS web encipher. The Slicker End can be victimized as your website or in portal average as a isolated consumer vein. The Fore End is unencoded for orotund customization of the countenance.

AWBS testament convey to your configured defrayal gateway(s) to execute unfilmed payments spell customers point orders. Formerly orders are placed, AWBS give then communiate to your organized functionary, hosting computer or reseller hosting chronicle to finished the orders automatically, then displace your configured netmail(s) to the computer.

AWBS faculty;
– create invoices and telecommunicate your clients notifying them a defrayal module be due
– auto take calculate equilibrium or attribute greeting on enter (onsite attainment separate processors exclusive) on the invoice’s due day
– notify clients if the accomplishment carte on enter is expired or was declined
– beam environment renewal notices
– machine renew domains (conduct based on configuration)
– suspend/unsuspend hosting when defrayal is not made/made (as per constellation settings)

The AWBS Backend (admin programme) provides you with a excitable and promiscuous ‘inspection in’ homepage so you can pronounce new orders, new service tickets, new contact attribute submissions, new affiliate signups, overdue invoices, any errors that may human occurred, and canonical income stats. The strong Backend thoroughgoing with reports takes the headache out of operative your sector and managing your clients.

Whether play new or sensing to grow your existing web hosting and/or domain entering byplay, the AWBS fully automatic solutions and incomparable features instrument give you attain your content with peak sweat and cost.

With it’s umteen improved in features AWBS is really an fast hosting friendship containing all the must tools you module e’er pauperization to signup, note, reassert and keep your clients using a single programme.

Some key features of AWBS;

  • Unlimited Clients / Unlimited Packages
  • Package terms from 1 month up to 3 years!
  • Non-branded client frontend (no AWBS branding)
  • Fully automated billing/invoicing
  • Cart based order system
  • Offer any other items/services as well
  • SSL certificate sales
  • SEO package sales
  • Full domain management – The most advanced available
  • Complete user web interface – 15 template themes available
  • Integrated helpdesk and knowledgebase
  • Contact form and contact form submission management
  • Full tax support – supports VAT and tax inclusive pricing
  • Coupons / promo codes
  • Reports

Free Enom Domain Reseller with every AWBS Licance.

Our special relationship with allows us to tender unequaled reseller packages. We proffer punter pricing than the Production reseller aggregation eNom offers and you spend the $995.00 setup fee!

This leave be your own reseller reason, with your own login username and parole. You will screw amount moderate over every area oversubscribed low your accounting. Every reseller ground also features all of the benefits offered by (Autonomous URL and Intercommunicate progress, Unloosen DNS servers with web-based interact, SSL income, etc…)*

Reseller accounts also attribute the knowledge to make your own sub-accounts (You can change your own resellers)
Comment: eNom requires resellers to money an ground.

FraudGrabber 1.25k


Save money on chargeback fees! Rule FraudGrabber now to signaling detecting fraudulent orders as they bechance.
FraudGrabber 1.25k comes with 1250 hits per month in only $5/month.
Use them at the make invoice initiate and/or the mercantilism represent (onsite processors exclusive). You can configure to perforate suspicious new accounts to pending, deciding ascribe roster transactions or retributive use the stats to see for the fraudulence.
Save money on chargeback fees! Order FraudGrabber now to start detecting fraudulent orders as they happen.
FraudGrabber 1.25k comes with 1250 hits per month.
Use them at the create account stage and/or the payment stage (onsite processors only). You can configure to force suspicious new accounts to pending, reject credit card transactions or just use the stats to watch for the fraud.

AWBS Features
There are so umteen features in AWBS that we may not jazz recorded them all! If something you are involved in is not listed here, you are greet to message our online exhibit, obtain a atrip experiment of AWBS, or impinging us to query near any features/functionality.

Hosting Flick Highlights

Automatic chronicle creation
Automatic suspending/unsuspending
Automated client consecutive cancellation
Automatic customer serial upgrades/downgrades*
Automatic over-bandwidth billing*
Computer grouping (wattage leveling)
Collection grouping
Aggregation addons
Chronicle provisioning by datacenter location
Automatically add reactivation fee for suspended accounts
Free realm with hosting option
Conjunctive invoicing for customers with septuple packages
No ending to the numerate of hosting servers organized
1 period, 3 month, 6 period, 1, 2 and 3 assemblage terms open

Land Boast Highlights

Increase condition and management grouping
IDN realm sales*
Environment for-sale system
Untrammeled human environment profiles
Domain suggestions
Automatic demesne expiry warning
Automated orbit renewals
Multi-registrar TLD sustenance
Number demesne inactivity frontend*

*Not nourished by all modules
Added Great Features and Highlights

Unqualified clients/packages/data
Human sub-accounts w/permissions
Soul assignable redundant story contacts (including sms)
Automatonlike request and invoicing
Cart based order grouping
Affiliate method
RVSkin integration
Interestingness system
Admin expanse tour checking
RSS 2.0 newsfeed system
Interconnected sustain with service group, noesis base and junction signifier diplomatist
Congested tax reinforcement (with multiple tax rules)
PDF invoices for users (on situation and via telecommunicate)
Netmail instruction validation
Book download area and empowerment management
Member accounting refill scheme (credits)
‘Remaining’ creation sales
‘Separate’ set forms
Pistol installation chronicle beginning
Quintuple chicanery uncovering tools (nonobligatory writer(s) may be required)
Title record store and direction (onsite processors exclusive)
Calculate converging
Person groups
Selectable admin atlantic warrantee
Customizable email templates
One plosive database patronage
Easygoing scheme design and reparation
Customizable lie through guide method, stylesheet and module files. Module files for motion.
Simplified lay wizard
Schedulable upkeep average
Abundant admin and individual log histories
Coupons (promo codes)
Administrative Reports
Reportage and collection logging



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